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Tahoe Bliss


Put simply, the new Bliss™ is the ultimate SUP touring board for women. It has the same soul as the original with a body that has been toned and sculpted to perfection. The Bliss's' beauty runs more than skin deep. It's advanced composite construction makes it lighter, faster and stronger than the original. These are qualities that you will appreciate during every aspect of your journey. The path to enlightenment can be an arduous one, and the Bliss™ will help you persevere along the way.

  • Perfect For: Performance touring / race
  • Construction: PINEWOODtech™
  • Features: NEW Piercing displacement hull, Full EVA comfort pad and handle, Front and rear deck plugs, Torsion Box
  • Fin: 10” single DURAfin
  • Dimensions: 11'6” long x 29” wide 
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Capacity: 220
  • Available colors:Red or Green
  • Speed: 4 of 5


The all new Tahoe SUP RUBICON™ featuring our revolutionary proprietary process, thermoSUP™ with honeytechCORE™ molded semi-hollow foam core, brings together 3 years of research and development. The always popular stability and performance hull design of the Rubicon™ now has a higher capacity gained from hollow chambers created by the honeytechCORE™. The stylish new look, durability and organic responsiveness of the Rubicon™ under your feet will keep your paddling progressing for years to come. US PATENT NO: 9,248,889 B2

  • Perfect for: Durable performance Touring
  • Construction: thermoSUP™ with honeytechCORE™
  • Features: Patented thermoSUP™ technology, Piercing Displacement hull, Front Deck Plugs, Full EVA comfort pad, Unique embedded comfort handle
  • Fin: 10” DURAfin
  • Dimensions: 12' long x 30” wide  
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Speed: 3 of 5

Tahoe iSUP Alpine Explorer - Gray/Blue - Inflatable

Introducing our lightest and most portable stand up paddleboard, the inflatable Alpine Explorer which features our TRUtrack™ fin system. The Alpine Explorer solves all your storage and transportation issues while delivering the great touring board experience found in all our Tahoe SUP boards. Everything you need tucks into the convenient, comfortable backpack and goes easily from home to the trunk of a car. It can also be checked as luggage on your next flight, and it is perfect  for backpacking into that spot you always dreamed of paddling.  Awesome Board !

This package includes  board +  custom travel back pack +  Tahoe SUP coil leash. 
  • Perfect for: Travel ready touring
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Fin: TRUtrack™ fin system
  • Dimensions: 12' long x 30” wide 
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Capacity: 280 pounds
  • Available colors: Gray/Blue
  • Speed: 2 of 5

Cross X 10'6"

Length 10'6"      Width  31.25"       Weight 41.5 lbs     Max Capacity  190lbs

The Cross X 10.6 is a  new multi-purpose board.  Versatile SUP designed for use on flat water and light surf, the Cross X is made of a durable polyethylene skin over a lightweight foam core. It is equipped with bow bungee and a large padded anti slip deck mat  that offers a secure, comfortable footing to paddle around or a nicely cushioned surface for yoga sessions. Comes with a 10 - inch removable fin.
$899.00 +tax

Rush 10'6"
Length10’6’’         Beam31.25’’         Weight40 lbs       Max. Capacity190 lbs

A quality SUP doesn't have to break the bank. The Rush SUPs are multi-purpose boards designed for use in flat-water or light surf. Equipped with a bow bungee, an inset center handle and a padded anti-slip deck pad. Polyethylene with a lightweight foam core. Comes with a removable 10" fin.


  • Anti-slip deck pad for secure footing
  • Inset center carrying handle
  • Elastic bungee cord
  • Removable 10’’ fin

$799.00 +tax     
Hull material Polyethylene with foam core
Height 4.5’’
Volume179 liters

Rush 11'6"
Length 11’6’’       Beam32’        Weight45 lbs      Max. Capacity230 lbs


  • Anti-slip deck pad for secure footing
  • Inset center carrying handle
  • Elastic bungee cord
  • Removable 10’’ fin

$899.00 +tax    
Hull material Polyethylene with foam core
Volume210 liters

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